A Government-Chosen Destiny

By Alyssa Leahy

As a college student looking to further her career as a teacher, I find it disturbing how children of low-income families get lost in the education system.
The only way these children will even have a chance at escaping this lifestyle is by obtaining a proper education. However, the government makes it impossible for them to do so. Low-income areas have extremely limited resources and therefore fall behind the average student. These students cannot advance without access to resources such as technology, and the government shrugs its shoulders as if that’s not their problem. The system is designed so schools who obtain high scores on state exams qualify for government funding, and the schools who do poorly fall further and further behind.
Common Core was put in place by the government in order to push students to meet their states’ standards. The government offered funding to all schools willing to implement the program in their school system. The catch was there was no information released about what exactly the curriculum would be, but schools were so desperate for the money they did not hesitate to join the program.
This is just one of the many ways the government has control over schools. The No Child Left Behind Act is also a government program that pushes student standards, but not once are the children in low-income areas considered. How can these children’s futures be brighter when the government has already chosen their destiny?

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