Are the rich unethical?

By Steven Mahoney

Living the United States as a consumer of media and things, it is easy to come to the conclusion that the purpose of life is to acquire as many things as possible and have as much wealth as possible. The rich are idolized and we are told that if we work hard enough, we, too, can be vain, shallow, and materialistic as a Kardashian.


Contrary to the dominant American culture, I completely reject the notion that that becoming financially wealthy is this wonderful ideal that all Americans should strive for. To become financially wealthy requires manifestation of some of the most horrible qualities humans are capable of: greed, hate, fear, and narcissism.
The generation of wealth cannot be separated from the exploitation of human beings.
  • Beings who breathe, think, feel and love.
  • Beings who have hopes, dreams, a desire to be fed, feel safe, and be secure.
  • Beings with an awareness unlike any other of Earth’s creatures.
  • Beings that know of the inevitability of their own destruction.
  • Beings that ought to be treated as an end in themselves and not a means to an end.
We all share these basic conditions and longings and ought to have an equal right to live a happy and fulfilling life where our needs are met.
Industrialization has led to a world where man is a tool to be used by other men. Globalization has led to a world where man is the commodity, his fate bought and sold on the market by the corporate elite.

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