Raising the minimum wage

By Danielle Lippold

A recent hot topic, especially in politics, is raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Seattle, Washington, passed a law raising minimum wage to $15 a year ago. New York reported a plan to raise the minimum wage of all fast food laborers to $15.

Yet, many people are angry and do not want this increase. They say they do not want the increase because fast food workers make mistakes, so they are not worth $15. People need to stop getting annoyed over the littlest thing. I am not saying minimum wage should be $15 an hour, but I do work at a fast food restaurant, and sometimes I forget little things like gravy, and people get incredibly irritated for no reason.

We are only human, we are not robots, even though many costumers treat us like we are. We are supposed to be perfect and never make any mistakes. There are plenty of people who are working minimum wage jobs who are supporting a family, and did not have the opportunity to go to college. Similarly, there are college students who can not get a career job because they don’t have their degree yet, and are paying for a car, gas, rent, utilities, school, books, and groceries. Trying to pay all that, working minimum wage part time (because they are a full time student, and don’t have time to work full time) is impossible.


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