Speaker of the what?

By Jessie Edelman

After viewing the “Park Avenue” documentary, I found Paul Ryan’s situation quite interesting. He gets the most amount of money from the Koch Brothers, has admitted to being a firm believer in Ayn Rand’s philosophy, and is a favorite of the Tea Party movement. Ryan credits Ayn Rand for inspiring him to get into politics.
As he recently rose in the public eye as a vice presidential candidate and now Speaker of the House, he has denied his attachment to Rand’s philosophy, even though he makes everyone who works in his office, interns included, read Ayn Rand’s books. He does this so that his employees know what he wants to get done.
Do we want the second person in the Presidential line of succession to deny a huge part of his political ideals?  


The Path to Prosperity was Ryan’s budget proposal for the 2012 fiscal year. This plan cut funding to government programs that help the poor and gave huge tax cuts to the rich. This plan supported the ideas of both Ayn Rand who wanted small government and gave tax cuts to the rich who wanted to keep their money. If Ryan got more tax cuts for his rich friends, they would give him more money in donations. The fact that the rich can buy what they want out of Congress shows that this nation truly isn’t a republic and we don’t have democracy.


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