The future from here

By Tatiana Branch

Something I learned from watching the “Park Avenue” documentary was that the definition of the American Dream has changed over the past 30 years. Non-white Americans and people with low incomes seem to have no shot at making it big in the world.  It seems if you were not born into a good financial situation, your future has been set in stone.

The American Dream was supposed to focus on equal opportunity but over the last 30 years it has transformed drastically.  The documentary stated that 19% of the people who live in the South Bronx are unemployed, the cost of college has gone up over 500% since 1980 and having a high school diploma only gives you a 3/10 chance at having full time work.  The amount of Americans that receives food stamps is 1 in 7.

The future for Americans of the poor and middle class is not looking good. People will be in debt and struggling to make money their entire life. The rich is benefiting off the poor Americans struggles. Whatever affects the poor negatively affects the rich positively. Having a job doesn’t keep you out of poverty. Low-income people pay a lot in taxes.

To give you an idea of how privileged people feel and what they think they are entitled to: Being rich is a business. They played their cards right to be financially stable.


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