Wealth and income inequality — what I want to say

By Maya Szymanski

This post is a well-orchestrated public breakdown turned into a performance art.

Capitalism separated itself from other societal ideologies like socialism and communism because it is good in theory and also in practice. The United States, a land of opportunity, turned in to a medieval civilization that keeps the poor down by any means in order for the rich to reign peacefully. What separates our current system from actually being medieval is that we have the ability to distract ourselves from this fractal of under privileged mistreatment by throwing our faces in to our smartphones and computers. We should subvert capitalism by co-operating instead of fighting and competing.

The wealthy deny any responsibility for the income and wealth inequality of millions of people by making the claim that a huge part of the population is not particularly productive or less motivated and deserving than they are. By the wealthiest of wealthy skewing the government with these perfunctory dismissals based on greed, they become blocks to the economic relief of millions of people.

Everyone deserves shelter, access to nutritious food, and clean water. These are not things that should be earned, but rather basic human rights. When you step back and blur your focus away from personal agendas you realize that every country is a third world country, but some countries have more rich people in them than others.


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