May the Bern be with you by Jessie Edelman

On January 30, Josh Hutcherpasted image 0son announced his support for Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at an event in Iowa.

Hutcherson is an actor that many young people who are voting for the first time have watched grow up with them on the silver screen. Most recently, Hutcherson starred in the global hit movie series “The Hunger Games,” which is partly about people changing the government through their actions. During his speech, Hutcherson talked about why he was supporting Sanders.

“He is someone is really going to fight for things that are important to me,” he said.

The actor explained how his family  in Kentucky had to live paycheck to paycheck for generations, including his immediate family. He also explained how his younger brother, Connor, is currently in college. His brother would not be able to go to school if Josh wasn’t getting a Hollywood paycheck. Hutcherson also talked about the unfairness of college costs and the loan system. He told the crowd how Bernie Sanders had plans to fix this system when he gets elected president.

“If you work as hard as my brother worked to become a full time student, you shouldn’t be burdened with a mountainous pile of school debt when you finish your school,” Hutcherson told the cheering crowd. As a young voter, it’s great to see an actor I have been a fan of for a long time go out and show fans the importance of participating in democracy.


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