Love and income: Can a relationship between people in different income brackets work? By Elissa Sanci

love and moneyThe amount of money you make can affect your love life—if you let it.

If two people exist in different income brackets, their relationship could be on the chopping block. Because of the income difference, you and your partner have more to fight about; most obviously, there is the inevitable jealously that can rear its head when one person is making a substantial amount more than the other. Forbes pointed out a few other things that couples with different paycheck sizes face as well, including one-sided money decisions, guilt (from both parties), and an uneven distribution of contribution to the household.

As a college student, I can attest that even a relationship with a person whose family is more financially stable than mine can be hard. While I’m not at the point in my life where I’m earning a salary or dating a person who is, I know that it’s still difficult when the person I’m seeing is able to contribute more to the relationship monetarily. Every time a dinner bill is picked up, I can’t help but feel a stab of guilt as I think of the $3.76 in my checking account.

Ultimately, the income bracket you belong to won’t break your relationship as long as you don’t let it; however, without communication, something as silly as feeling guilty about who pays for dinner can eventually spiral into an argument that could lead to the demise of your relationship.


2 thoughts on “Love and income: Can a relationship between people in different income brackets work? By Elissa Sanci

  1. My wife is a pharmacist and I am a custodian at a university, 80k difference in pay. It gets to me and sometimes it really gets to me. I am not a college educated person so it would be hard for my pat scale to rise. I have been doing things to help out I will even be starting a small business sometime this year. We love each other and I think that is what it comes down to. That is something that is getting lost. Credit score over love it seems now-a-days.


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