Lia Veley: Putting the Bern on wealth and income inequality

bernie_sanders_ap_img_10I’m not one to talk politics, but while milling the Internet for something relevant related to wealth and income inequality, one of the first links to pop up brings you to Bernie Sanders’ page on income and wealth inequality. I found it interesting that while Sanders was front and center on this Google-able topic, none of the other candidates came up on page number one.
Sen. Sanders’ page touches on the issues that he (or his campaign) sees inside the financial system that are causing wealth and income inequality. He also deems the issue of wealth and income inequality as the great moral, economic and political issues of our time. The web page then goes on to list ten things that the senator would do to reduce wealth and income inequality issue. His too-close-for-comfort-to-Socialism ideology is a bit much for me, and I don’t necessarily agree with all 10 ideas that he presents, I think it’s important to note that he is addressing the issue.
I’m certainly not calling myself a Bernie Sanders supporter, but I can say that after reading some of his plans, I find it surprising that more candidates are not touching on this issue as heavily. Although, those greedy Republicans don’t really care about anyone bellow the top 10 percent, so I guess I’m just expecting to hear from Hillary Clinton what she would do to fix the issue of wealth and income inequality if she comes out on top.

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