Alana-Rose Davis: Is the mainstream media creating a race war?

Media%2520and%2520racismAmericans love to believe that we have the potential to be the greatest country.

However, the one thing that this country was built on is the same thing that seems to be hanging us by the neck over and over again. The never-ending story of racism is told generation after generation. Many people believed that our generation (Generation X) was the one to join hands and end racism. For a while, that seemed to be the case. It seemed as if only older folks were still arguing over race, while the millennials were singing “Kumbayah” and embracing each other’s cultures.

However, this seemed to take a drastic turn as more videos surfaced of young kids engaging in racist activities and police officers gunning down minorities. Many people were shocked that “racism still existed.” With mainstream media still being the number one source for news information, stations like Fox, ABC and CNN report these issues to the American people. TV journalists add their two cents, which many times sounds biased, and makes the friction between races even more obvious.

The media has done a great job at dividing the American people, by reshowing gruesome clips of violence between races and generalizing about race based on a few individuals’ actions. The mistrust between the American people and big new stations has bubbled over and many people have come to the conclusion that mainstream media’s intentions may be  something insidious. People believe their agenda is to start a race war. Robert Seraphim gives his perspective on how mainstream media is creating a race war, which is worth reading.


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