Caleb Harris: Bernie Sanders for President?

UntitledSocialist Bernie Sanders is running for President of the United States of America.

Sanders has become popular among the young adults because of his stance on education, taxes, and healthcare. Sanders wants to establish to two free tuition years to college students and provide $18 billion to state governments to cut tuition at state colleges by 55 percent. He’s also suggesting a change to single-payer, government-provided health care to participating states, and those states would be required to set up their own single-payer system. In addition, a national oversight board would establish an overall budget and raise some taxes on the wealthy and cut taxes for middle class.

The opposing views say that (New York writer Daniel Greenfield) “the problem with Bernie Sanders voters is they don’t actually vote.” and “Bernie Sanders is making promises to young adults that he can’t keep.” (Diana Furchtgott-Roth, RealClearPolitics),

But  having Sanders as president can benefit America. Sanders speaks his mind. He believes that the “billionaires are giving very strong support to elected officials who will do exactly the opposite of what the American people want. I think that’s a pretty pathetic situation. This is how corrupt Washington has become.” Americans need a president who is going to speak his (or her) mind but also back up what they say. Sanders has clearly stated his plans when it comes to the issues. He has all of the potential to make American great again.


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