Cara Demers: College. Worth it?

Student Debt BlogAs someone gearing up to graduate and face the real world within the next few months, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t aware of that first student loan payment. Come November, my peers and I will get hit like a truck with a decade of payments. And with that, like a lot of graduates do, we’ll question whether a college education was really worth it.


I grew up in a household that wouldn’t even entertain the idea of me not going to college. If you asked my parents—neither of whom went to college— education was well worth the price. Despite this, the Washington Post reported that only a third of debt-ridden college graduates strongly agreed with this.


I’m sure this question has become more relevant just as the student debt crisis has. During a time where a large portion of us can barely afford college, it’s no wonder that we’re beginning to question whether the pros outweigh the cons. So what exactly would determine whether college is really worth it? According to the Post article, there’s no formula that suggests an answer. While plenty of adults find success with their degrees, others are unable to break into the job market.


So where does that leave us? Apparently needing to be optimistic. There is no guarantee. The only thing we can really rely on is that hefty student loan payment landing in our laps.


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