Nicolette Dammacco: Why infographics are awesome


(Source: Mike Wirth Art (

Infographics, in case you didn’t know, are graphic visual representations of information, data and knowledge. Sounds boring, I know, but when you actually take a look at one, they can be quite captivating.

Who would have thought that a topic as boring as ‘how laws are made’ would be so visually compelling? In this ever-advancing technological world we live in, we are constantly creating content, information and data that is now too vast to try and comprehend through traditional data processing applications. Now, it is possible for researchers, journalists and marketers to share complex data through visual shorthand.

Whether it’s about the steps to planning a wedding, comparing the stats of professional athletes, the many varieties of beer, or social media marketing, there are thousands of formats that will help whatever knowledge is being shared become more easily comprehended by colleagues and the public.

These graphics can be simple…


Source: Drinks Brands (

…or complex


Source: Michael Levi (

Infographics are compelling and attractive, easily scanned and viewed, have the capability of becoming viral, increase traffic to the brand/website/blog they are attached to, and are more likely to be read than a text article.

Want some more cool looking statistics? Read Thirteen Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Infographics




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