Tatiana Branch: Should parents pay more for their children to earn more?

IMG_1506Although money buys degrees, some parents may feel that getting an education at a private college is worth the investment for their child.  They feel that paying more for school means their child will receive a better education.  Some private schools have more resources then public schools because they receive donations from donors.  They are not funded by the state.
Many public colleges are just as good if not a better option for high school graduates because of the lower tuition cost and the social scene. Students in public colleges tend to have more friends and go to more social gatherings compared to private colleges which have a smaller amount of students who attend.  However, depending on which public school you go to, you could pay more because of the out-of-state tuition taxes that out-of-state students would pay.
When you put your college education on a resume do employers hire you based on what school you went to, or based on what you can do for the company? According to Business Insider, there was a 2012 statistic that showed private school graduates earned about 20 percent more than a public school graduates. If this is true, should parents invest more in a private education?
Why put yourself in more debt? Where you get your college degree from doesn’t define the type of education you received or the type of career you’ll have. Millions of people went to public college and have successful careers.

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