Maya Szymanski: Can we solve poverty?

UntitledThe New York Times recently published an article about the team-up between left- and right- wing economists to construct some sort of a plan to end poverty. There are a lot of working parts to this strategy, which includes raising income taxes for people without children, reducing social security benefits, investing in education, removing tax expenditures of the wealthy, and adding job requirements to food stamps.

The proposal contains several other suggestion but those examples are highlighted in the article.

The design appears beneficial to the millions of Americans in poverty, but it should be taken with a grain of salt. The odds of such an extensive plan being passed seems unrealistic.

“The report took us longer than we thought,” said Sheldon Danziger of the Russell Sage Foundation. “But everybody agreed that even though there were things in it we didn’t like, the package together would be better than the status quo.”

Danzinger is by one of the members in the group. Both parties see poverty as such an important issue, and these people compromised some of their strict ideologies to create a product that could benefit Americans.

Whomever is elected president should honor the efforts by both political parties as the team is a monumental statement on necessity of wealth and income equality.


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