Cara Demers: Americans don’t like wealth, or wealth redistribution

Wealth Inequality“Americans don’t like the way wealth is currently distributed in this country. But they dislike wealth redistribution policies even more.”

This quote was published in Fortune magazine less than a year ago, after a video went viral that focused mainly on Americans’ perception of income inequality. If you haven’t seen it, the video asked average American’s what they think income inequality should be, what they think it actually is and then revealed the distribution of wealth in America. Essentially, the video proved that we’re not exactly as in-tune with income inequality as we may think we are.


Yet still, studies continue to show that American’s aren’t exactly ready to support significant wealth redistribution Why is this? In a country that apparently hopes for a better distribution of wealth, why do we continue to shoot down plans and proposals to make it better? And how, with a deficit so significant, would we even being to approach this without terrifying ourselves?

And speaking of terrified, it’s fascinating to me that this term ‘redistribution’ has become such as scary term to most Americans. That being said, will there ever really be a way to fix the sort of severe wealth inequality that we see today? Of course, this is and has been the million-dollar question. But with little to no movement, it’s hard to determine whether we’ll ever see anything but the reign of that top 1%.


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