Lia Veley: Growing up with a silver spoon

100367132-rich-young-boy-gettyp-600x400I am an only child of two upper-middle class parents who grew up in Westchester, New York. I guess some would say that I grew up with a silver spoon in my mouth because I had no siblings, and I got to go to Disney World every year when I was a kid.
While some may see it that way, I have always been conscious of what it would be like to not live like I do. What some people who were lucky enough to grow up in the same type of circumstances as myself fail to realize is that just because you lived your childhood in the upper-middle class does not mean that you will spend your whole life in that socio-economic class.
Specifically, in my past four years as a college student, I have found myself observing those who are not as well off as my parents are, and thinking about what kind of life they had growing up.  I see people living in poverty, and I can’t help but wonder if, per chance, these people grew up comfortably, and are now living in circumstances they could have never imagined. What path led these people to live in poverty? Is it possible that just as people can find them selves better off in their future then in their childhood, they can fall in the opposite direction? I’m sure the answer is yes, but it is not something people would like to imagine happening to them.

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