Nicolette Dammacco: How the Democratic presidential candidates see wealth and income inequality

UntitledHillary Clinton. Hillary started her campaign condemning hedge fund managers and pledging to close an infamous tax loophole that Democrats have been promising for years without any real action. She says she’ll rewrite the tax code, but her wealthy supporters shouldn’t feel threatened because this change will most likely just focus on “home-grown” companies feeling the benefits instead of rewarding corporations that benefit from work overseas. She also says she’ll rein in Wall Street and create more opportunities for those at the bottom including: universal prekindergarten, paid family leave, affordable college, and raising the minimum wage— even though she has not endorsed the call for a $15 federal minimum wage and instead supports $12.


Bernie Sanders. Bernie has the most aggressive and radical plan to address income inequality of all the presidential candidates. Due to pressure from Black Lives Matter activists, he has since added policies to his platform that address economic inequalities between whites and racial minorities which includes: free college and low-interest student loans paid for by a tax on Wall Street transactions, a plan to break up the big banks, a $15 federal minimum wage, a federal youth employment program for young minorities, and higher taxes on the wealthy. For a more in-depth look at what he plans to change to reduce income and wealth inequality, go here.


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