Tatiana Branch: Commercials for crisis?

pastedImageThe Super Bowl is the largest televised sporting event in the country. Millions of people tune in to not only watch the game but the silly, one-day commercials that companies air only for this occasion.

How much money goes into these short commercials? A 30-second ad runs about $5 million.

So much money is spent on commercials that nobody will remember tomorrow.

People in the rich 1 percent seems to be more concerned about brand. They should market their brand to advertise for a good cause, because it spreads more awareness of the issues similar to how they used social media in the summer of 2014 with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Our country is wasting money on things that are not going to help us in the long run.

pastedImage (1)Instead of wasting millions on a commercial, use that money to help those in need. Flint, Michigan, is going through a water crisis and could really use some help.

The water crisis in Flint shows that there are disparities between the rich and the poor. Flint is known as one of the most dangerous cities in America, so the assumption is made that a lot of lower-class and poor people live in hte area. If it was a richer city with a water crisis, the issue would have been resolved. Instead, millions is wasted on brainless commercials where it could be used to spread awareness.


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