Alyssa Leahy: College debt is mounting

blog 3 photoCurrently the United States of America is in $19,014,777,160,000 (19 trillion) in debt.

Of that, $1.3 trillion is student debt and this number is increasing at a steady rate.

College graduates want to know what the government is going to do for them. The average four-year public school costs $9,139 a year. If you’re like me and chose to go to a four-year private school, you’re looking at an average of $32,231 a year. According to the Wall Street Journal, “the average class of 2015 graduate with student-loan debt will have to pay back a little more than $35,000″ — unless you chose to go to a private institution, of course.

In America, college is no longer viewed as optional. Most jobs that never required a college degree now require at least an associate’s degree. However, other countries such as Germany offer their citizens (and for some, even American citizens) a free education. Of course, this means an increase in taxes.

However, Sen. Bernie Sanders has come to the rescue. He has proposed a bill titled, “College for All Act,” which would eliminate the $70 billion dollar tuition costs at all 4-year public colleges and universities. Under the plan, the federal government would cover 67 percent of the costs, or  $47 billion dollars each year. States would be required to produce the remaining 33 percent of the costs, or 23 billion dollars.

And with that, I say, “Bern, baby, Bern.”






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