Caleb Harris: Everyone has body issues

male body issuesOur culture has many views on what a person should look like.

The media covers body issues for females, but rarely for males. Males suffer from the same pressures that females do to maintain that “perfect” image as well. For males, most body issues start with action figures, male models, and comic book heroes with muscular physiques.

chartAccording to’s article on body image pressures, Dr. Alison Field, an associate professor of pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital, studies pressure on young boys.

“You want people to be concerned enough about their weight to make healthy decisions, but not so concerned that they’re willing to take whatever means it takes healthy or unhealthy to achieve their desired physique,” Field said. Many young boys feel pressed to look a certain way, often leading to unhealthy performance drugs.

A Huffington Post article discusses Tyler Kingkade’s story.

“At 14, I don’t remember a single day I felt thin,” he said, “and yet I was in great shape, playing hockey regularly.” Both males and females suffer from their own hidden insecurities. It’s not merely a gender thing, it’s a people thing. We go through our own issues as we get older because of the media and society’s expectations of perfection.


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