Kaitlin Mahar: Lady brains work just fine in business

UntitledAccording to Forbes, the highest-paid male CEO in America in 2015 was John Hammergren, CEO of medical supply company McKesson, who earns a cool $131.2 million per year. John C. Martin rounds out Forbes‘ list by earning a whopping $43.2 million per year as CEO of Gilead Sciences, another medical supply company.

Meanwhile, according to CNBC, the highest-paid female CEO in America as of 2015, Yahoo’s Marissa Meyer, earned a grand total of $42.1 million per year. You read that right. The highest-paid female CEO makes less than the tenth highest-paid male CEO.

Untitled1I tried to further research the reason behind this wage gap, and, interestingly enough, there are actually no differences between men and women that would warrant it. Should someone be hired as CEO of the company, then they’re obviously hardworking, able to take charge of and lead their companies, and capable of making intellectual decisions for the good of their employees. (This is even possible for women using their little “lady brains”!)

Nowhere did I find information proving that women were inferior to men.

However, for whatever reason, it appears that not everybody has gotten the memo. While it’s no secret that women are paid less than men, let’s consider this one more time. Imagine your mothers, daughters, and sisters. Imagine your female friends, professors, and idols. Do they deserve less than their male counterparts? Should they be discriminated against and mistreated because of their biological makeup, something that is completely out of their control? I don’t think so.



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