Cara Demers: I make .0027 of a dollar every second. Guess what Bill Gates makes?

Bill GatesI read a statistic online today, and in case you are wondering, Bill Gates makes a reported $290 per second.

Just to put that into perspective for you, I make $10 an hour at my 20 hours-per-week part-time job. And although I’m sure we know that I make nowhere close to what Bill Gates does, my weekly paychecks earn me a whopping .0027 dollars per second, in contrast to his nearly $300.

If that doesn’t scream income inequality for you, then I’m not sure what does. And I’m fully aware that it’s not realistic for Gates and I to to make even remotely similar incomes. We shouldn’t even be in the same ballpark at this point. Nonetheless, I don’t know anyone who can match the salary that he’s making.

In fact, according to CNN, the typical American household made $53,657 back in 2014, and that figure has barely fluctuated over the past decade.

Income Inequality

When it comes to income inequality, the numbers don’t lie. This is the reality of what our country is facing: The average American family will just barely break $50k a year. Poverty rates remain both consistent and high, with an estimated 46.7 million Americans living in poverty.  Meanwhile—and this is more so a reflection of the system itself, rather than Gates—Bill Gates is projected to earn about $1.4 billion this year.


2 thoughts on “Cara Demers: I make .0027 of a dollar every second. Guess what Bill Gates makes?

    1. This is not from Cara, the author, but I’m interested (because we’re studying this in the class): What do you think the first step is? There’s a lot of talk about raising minimum wage but that can’t be the only answer. You?


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