Jessie Edelman: Is the gender pay gap real?

In a video posted on February 2, author and YouTuber John Green discussed the gender pay gap.

Green said in a video prior to this that in the United States, women make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. After more research, Green makes this month’s video to talk about what he has learned since then.

“There is a gender pay gap among full time workers around the world. But the size of the gender pay gap varies dramatically by country,” he said. For example, in New Zealand, the pay gap is 10% and in South Korea, the pay gap is 38%.

Green explains that today, the gender pay gap in the U.S. is between 16-21 percent, depending on hourly, weekly or annual income. When education, skills, experience, and occupation are worked into the gap, it falls down to 4-8 percent. Experts say that this ‘unexplained pay gap’ is directly due to gender discrimination. Green explains this means that women lose $241 million of pay every year in unpaid work.

The point here is that men work more paid hours than women do. On average, an adult American woman spends 167 minutes on housework compared to a man’s 101 minutes.

“Women doing a disproportionate amount of the unpaid labor in the United States inevitably distorts the paid labor market” Green says in his video.

The gender pay gap is there, but it is more complicated than we think.


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