Courtney Brooks: Why not work at a nonprofit?

UntitledAs we prepare to enter the rat race of the real world in a few short months, the focus of all seniors is securing a job after graduation. However, the demand for a high salary often skews our vision of what success really is, and in turn we overlook career paths that offer a great deal of opportunity, specifically in the nonprofit sector.

UntitledA nonprofit is an organization in which no profit is distributed toward private individuals; all funds go toward public interest and bettering society. While searching for potential careers, many students overlook nonprofit opportunities because they think “nonprofit” means they will not be paid. This is false; while nonprofits do rely on the help of some dedicated volunteers, they are staffed by talented professionals who are compensated with competitive pay.

There are countless advantages to working at a nonprofit. To start, while working in the corporate world, it is easy to become a number and get lost in the crowd. Comparatively, nonprofits are much smaller and intimate; your hard work never goes unnoticed, which makes it easier to rise up the ladder and secure higher positions.

Additionally, you will be working with like-minded people who are all passionate about a common cause and making the world a better place, many of whom are experienced and have great expertise in their field.

Nonprofits may pay a little less, but they offer invaluable experience, connections, and the chance to really make an impact on the world and that is as much success as I could ask for.


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