Tatiana Branch: Who really fits the American Dream?

imrsAccording to CNN, Blacks and Hispanics are more likely to believe in the American Dream because of the amount of obstacles they had to over come in previous generations. Many of their parents and grandparents may not have had the opportunity to graduate high school or attend college.

In previous generations, Blacks had to deal with limited opportunities, violence and segregation.  Hispanics had to deal with immigration. They either moved to this country or are the children or grandchildren of immigrants. Kids today have better opportunities, compared to their parents and grandparents, because they are graduating from high school and college. They have a better chance at getting a job in their field of interest.

151110181850-race-reality-sidebar-question-780x439Meanwhile, Caucasians believe that the American dream does not apply to them.  In 1986, a higher number of Caucasians attended college because it was affordable to them. Most of their upbringings were comfortable. They were raised in a two-parent household with two incomes. Their parents were most likely able to buy a house while sending their kids off to college.

The American Dream should be more focused on the individual achievement. If you work hard for the things you want in life, then that’s your American Dream. Race, gender and ethnicity shouldn’t be a factor. Regardless of a person’s ethnicity, people tackle obstacles everyday. Just because someone is white doesn’t mean they’re rich, and just because someone is black doesn’t mean they’re poor. All ethnic group can succeed.


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