Alyssa Leahy: From riches to rags with Kanye West

UntitledRecently, through a series of tweets, Kanye West publicly cried out for help over financial issues.

“I write this to you my brothers while still 53 million dollars in personal debt… Please pray we overcome… This is my true heart…” West tweeted.

At Slate, Jordan Weissman writes that since West earns an estimated $22 million to $30 million a year, “For Kanye, $53 million in debt is basically equivalent to the median American household, which earns $53,000 a year, carrying $127,000 in debt — or, you know, a mortgage.”

While admitting, “yes I am personally rich and I can buy furs and houses for my family,” he portrayed himself as a struggling artist on Twitter, saying, “If I spent my money on my ideas I could not afford to take care of my family.  I am in a place that so many artist end up.”

This is absolutely ridiculous that this man is crying poverty when with a few cutbacks, he could easily pay off his debt and still have spending money. To help support Kanye, fans created a GoFundMe page. As of today, it’s raised over $5,000 for the “struggling” artist.

The only way West will gain my respect is if he takes the money raised and donates it to someone who is actually in need, someone who can’t afford “furs and houses,” or even a house. The West family does not go to bed starving every night. Save your money and give it to someone who truly deserves it.




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