Jacqueline Hinrichs: I hide my gender. So I can get paid.

UntitledWhat kind of world are we living in now that women have to hide their gender for jobs? I really thought we were past all of that nonsense. Yet, it looks like women can code better them men but as long as no one knows they’re women.

A study showed that if women made requests to an outsider using their profiles, and did not identify themselves as women, their requests were accepted 71.8 percent of the time. However, if they made it known that they were a women, the acceptance rate dropped drastically to 62.5 percent of the time. Sexism may play a huge role in women’s success rate, at least on the page GitHub, the researchers found.

UntitledThis shows that women could be better at doing a job, but still no one will trust her. It makes me wonder if this is how we will live the rest of our lives, if women will always secretly be put down for our gender. Someday the world might realize how women can do everything men can do and sometimes better.



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