Danielle Lippold: Is higher education out of reach?

Education 1One of the many victims of income inequality is the availability of higher education. I consider my family to be lower-middle class, and my parents have not paid a single penny for my education.

I always expected to pay my way through college with scholarships, grants, and loans, and to pay back my loans myself because I know my parents do not make enough to help me, and I feel bad asking them for any money.

Between scholarships, grants, and loans, I have been able to pay my way through four years of an insanely expensive school. Unfortunately, prospective students might not even be able to get their foot in the door because they have to stay at home and help support their family. It is also in the back of many people’s heads that if you are poor, you can’t afford to go to college, which is not true.

Education 2There are many resources to help you get through college, like scholarships for anything you can possibly think of, or just general awards. Worried about not being able to pay the application fee? You may be eligible for a fee waiver. What about books and extra expenses? You can use financial aid for that as well.

Filling out the FAFSA form does only give you so much, but to cover the rest of the costs you can apply for Sally Mae or a Parent Plus loan. College is not out of your reach.


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