Caleb Harris:

the-15-wealthiest-zip-codes-in-americaIn America, zip codes can tell you how healthy someone is.

Where someone lives can lead to a person becoming morbidly obese, versus their being in great shape. University of Washington researchers were able to predict the health of residents based on responses to a telephone survey conducted in King County by the local health department and the federal Centers for Disease Control.

After concluding their research, the University of Washington found six-fold disparities in obesity rates across the Seattle metropolitan area. Obesity rates reached 30 percent in the most deprived areas, but were only around 5 percent in the most affluent zip codes.

Obesity is a big issue in America.

chart 1According to research from the University of California San Francisco:

The areas with the lowest income are consistently the areas with the lowest life expectancy and highest incidence of chronic disease. research says that

White men live 5.4 years longer and white women 3.7 years longer on average than their African-American counterparts.

Zip codes determine many factors. It makes sense, because the lower your income, the less you are able to afford healthier things that grocery stores have to offer. You also may not have enough money to go to the doctor. Then, too, many people in America do not have great health insurance.



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