Jacqueline Hinrichs: Live where it’s better

UntitledWhat is a perfect community? Yards that are neatly mowed, the laughter of the children while they ride their bikes, or parks that allow families to come together and enjoy a nice beautiful day?

What if living in a community like this could affect your health? Would you make more of an effort to make a change and live in an environment where you could live a healthier life?

The social environment, having sidewalks, playgrounds and promoting health with amenities will make your community one where they want to live. Click here to read more about how your neighborhood can affect your health.


Do you want to know the worst cities in America to live in?

Why put yourself or your loved ones in a situation that can potentially harm them and affect their health?

Click here to read about different places that everyone should want to live in to keep their families safe. I know I would.



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