Tatiana Branch: School segregation in Connecticut

UntitledPeople may agree or disagree with school segregation but many children in neighborhoods have a terrible school system and don’t have the resources to help them graduate and succeed. Once they graduate from high school, going to college will be expensive unless it’s affordable to the parents.

Some cities in Connecticut have segregated schools based on race, ethnicity and income. According to USA Today, Connecticut is in the top 20 of most segregated schools state in the country.

UntitledIn the documentary Separate and Unequal, many parents said that having their children share a school with another child from another city is a problem. Having children from different neighborhoods share the same school can cause fights, they say.

Regardless of what school your child goes to, trouble with follow.

The Sheff v. O’Neill case was intended to prevent schools segregated schools in the state. However, decades later, schools are still segregated. According to the Huffington Post, Connecticut has invested over $2 billion in the last 20 years in one solution, magnet schools. According to the CT Mirror, magnet schools should have the resources of private schools but at a public school price.

This allows low-income families to afford a better education for their children at a fraction of the cost.

UntitledAttending a better school will increase a child’s chances of getting into college. Going to an all-white school doesn’t make your children any better or smarter. Rather, a student is exposed to more opportunities at high-resource schools, which tend to be mostly white.



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