Caleb Harris: Yes. Segregation still exists in 2016.

school-segregation-2Even though there have been many efforts to prevent segregation, race and class make that hard to overcome.

People say segregation doesn’t exist anymore because we have a black president. You would think schools in Connecticut wouldn’t be segregated anymore in 2016, right? Unfortunately, they still are.

In Connecticut, 40,000 students are enrolled in falling schools. It turns out that 87 percent of those students are Black, Hispanic, and 90 percent of them live in low-income households.

Segregation has become a bigger problem since 1954’s Brown v. Board of Ed.

Connecticut has tried to end segregation primarily by establishing magnet schools. That can work.

“The Hartford kids in the magnets don’t look that much different from the Hartford kids in the regular schools and that’s an important part of the process,” according to ThinkProgress. But not all students are able to go to magnet schools.

There is an answer. Even though Connecticut’s schools are still segregated,  if we can can together and find the proper resources to make every school affordable and diverse, we can eliminate school segregation in this state.





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