Jacqueline Hinrichs: A mixture of everyone helps everyone learn

aSixty years after Brown v. Board of Ed., my generation might end up learning more about how our parents lived. Segregation is raising its head again.

According to the New Haven Independent, one report says that New Haven’s charter schools are mostly black and brown, and a question arises whether these schools are hurting kids by separating them.

Should charter schools allow more wealthy students? And if they open seats to wealthier white students, does that mean they will turn away poorer minorities?

Connecticut is investing millions of dollars in these types of schools — even while it’s hard to see if this is working. We might all be separate but we are not equal. Sixty years later, it looks like the world is changing again, and not for the better. We are recreating history, and it needs to be stopped.

By keeping children separate, we are denying children the opportunity to learn to live in a diverse world. Aren’t we past that? Shouldn’t we teach kids to love others? Can we get forever past segregation and racism? Go here to learn lessons you could be teaching your children.


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