Lia Veley: Bottled water is the devil

11_water_bottles_smallWhat have I learned from the documentary “Tapped” that explores the world of bottled water? I have learned that bottled water is the Devil. There are multiple issues that I could touch upon dealing with the industry of bottled water and its effects on low-income citizens, but first I would like to touch on an issue that has an effect on every single human being on this planet.
Water companies are evil. They take what is free and what is a basic human right and they put it in poisonous containers (I’ll get to that in a minute) and they sell it to the public for way too much money.
And we just let this happen. Once water has a price tag on it, we all lose, because one day there won’t be enough water left, and then we will wonder if we should have done something to stop the creation of this water empire.
Let’s look at the major issue in the bottle water world that directly impacts low-income communities: plastic bottles. I admit I am a bottled water drinker. It’s convenient. But what isn’t convenient is that fact that plastic bottles is actually killing people. The plants that mine for the elements that are used to make plastic water bottles create a danger zone , and they happen to mostly be located in low-income communities.
Case in point? Corpus Christi. The neighborhoods in this Texas town have long suffered from the impact of their high volume of industrial factories. The demographics of Corpus Christi are low-income, African American and Hispanic who have no way to escape the horrifically unhealthy environment in which they are living. These people are suffering particularly from health issues brought on by the M&G Group who manufactures plastic bottles.
The creation of bottled water is killing people in low-income communities like Corpus Christi, and there is no more negative effect than death on a community. So I beg you, keep this in mind the next time you spend $2.50 on something you can get for free at your kitchen sink.

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