Alana-Rose Davis: The stranglehold of Big Water

UntitledThe recycling agenda that water corporations have embraced made me believe they were doing everything possible to not only save the earth, but also protect its inhabitants.

Tapped made me lose my faith in companies such as Nestle and Coca-Cola in the hour it took me to watch this documentary. These companies inched their way into low-income neighborhoods and made the residents their prisoners. With the promises of new jobs and extra income, M&G Chemicals moved their large chemical plant into Corpus Christi, Texas.

The result? Birth defects, and residents riddled with cancer. According to Caller Times:

Severe birth defects, or cases in which the baby died or required surgery, were 39 percent higher in the area than statewide.

The company did not feel the need to monitor air pollution. Click here to read about birth defect rates in Texas.

UntitledAs I watched the thick white fog in the documentary, my heart sank for the residents who had to use this oxygen to survive. My next thought was, “ Why can’t these people move?” but that question was quickly answered when a resident explained that selling a house next to a plant is impossible.

This company went to great lengths to conceal the truth. When an employer at the M&G plant found that he could inform residents that they could complain about the companies doings, he was warned that he could be in serious trouble.

Check out M&G’s website here.

Telling people the truth that could save lives should never be a punishable act. These residents not only lacked the knowledge of truth but residents felt they had no power when it came to these billion-dollar corporations. Some of the residents of Corpus Christi referred to the fight between the chemical plant and the residents as David versus Goliath, and for good reason. The corporation just issued a $300 million agreement to expand and solidify their position in the market. Read more about that here.

With regulations tying the hands of the FDA, many of these companies are wreaking havoc on low-income neighborhoods. I thought that drinking bottled water was healthy. According to this documentary, it is safer to drink tap water than bottled water.

Read here on why bottled water is killing the environment and us. This documentary taught me that I’m better off drinking tap and also that I’m hurting thousands of people by buying a product that uses innocent neighborhoods as a chemical dumpster.


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