Tatiana Branch: Water’s effect on a community

UntitledThe documentary Tapped explained how bottle water companies sell water that produces harmful chemicals that could make people sick. Low-resource neighborhoods appear to suffer the most from a lack of access to a better water supply.

In some cases they may not have the money to compete with high-resource neighborhoods.

Some people who live in low-resource neighborhoods may not be able to afford moving because of the location of their property. Living where factories surround your home makes your property less attractive, which makes it hard to sell and move because these factories may produce harmful chemicals in the air.

Bottled water companies are marketing how good they are for people by labeling their bottles as crisp, pure and safe, which makes us believe that we are getting the best quality of water.

2Fox News reports that the Food and Drug Administration regulates bottled water, as opposed to tap water, which is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. National Geographic says that these bottled water companies reap major profit off of taking tap water and putting it in plastic containers. Then they resell it for more then a thousand times what it’s worth. ABC News reports that bottled water can be sold at a higher price because it’s not checked as frequently for contamination because it’s a packaged food product. According to CNN, tap water should meet the federal, state or provincial drinking water standards while being processed through the pipes.

The more aware people are about the benefits of recycling, the better effort people will make to not throw bottles into the ocean. Neighborhoods that make it a priority to recycle tend to have cleaner streets and water.



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