Jacqueline Hinrichs: What you can learn on the New Haven Green

1Have you ever gone out and to help the people in need? Helped out at a homeless shelter, or doing a midnight run on Thursday night? If you never have, you should.

Midnight run is an experience that students from University of New Haven have the chance to do every Thursday night. You go down to the New Haven greens and people who are homeless or cannot afford to get food come and get hot meals, hot chocolate and sandwiches. Volunteers also hand out blankets and jackets on the nights when the temperatures are below freezing.

Want to know more about Midnight run at UNH? Click here so you can get involved, too.

When you ask the people if they want more to take back for the night, you’d expect most would say, “Yes, please,” but their answer is “N,o thank you. This will be good.” People with everything seem more apt to take stuff they don’t even need because it is offered to them. Watch this video and see how a man receives $100 and instead of spending it on liquor or drugs, he goes out and does for other people.

People are so quick to judge others, especially the less fortunate. Read this article about a man doing the right thing and later on good karma happens for him. It will open your eyes.

Have you ever thought about how the less fortunate give more then those who can afford everything? People who can not buy a new phone or the new clothes give the best gifts because they put so much thought and love into it. This video will allow you to learn from others.

If you really want to learn more from these people, you need to get out there and help them. You need to get out there and do something for them and they will teach you how to be a better person, and appreciate what you have. Click here to get more information on how to get involved in the New Haven area. It will be beneficial for everyone.


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