Alyssa Leahy: Isn’t water a basic human right?

2Water  is something every human needs to live and it is supposed to be a free natural resource, but there are very few ways to obtain natural water.

You cannot drink straight from a lake or ocean due to the contamination; however there are ways to get naturally filtered water. For example, some states such as Maine have access to clean drinking water. Many cities do not have that as a resource, unless it is coming from bottles. Companies take water from natural resources and turn it into bottled water. But to do so, companies such as Nestlé steal natural resources.

1Low-resource neighborhoods need access to clean water. The citizens of Maine argue that tap water is safe to drink, which is true in most cases. However, the water in Flint, Michigan, has been contaminated with lead, which creates serious health issues.

Currently, the people of Flint have relied heavily on bottled water. They use this water to drink, cook, brush their teeth and even shower.

Although we like to think we are drinking filtered water that is not always the case. The chemicals from the plastic have been proved to be extremely harmful and can even cause cancer. It is important to realize that tap water, in most cases, is extremely safe to drink. New York City is known to have the cleanest water in the northeast because it comes directly from the Catskill Mountains.


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