Maya Szymanski: Women say: “Help us, help you”

aWhat is the theory used to distinguish value, because I need some refreshing.

Value in the workplace?

Value in gender?

What algorithm is utilized to equate why men earn more than women — not just for minimum wage and middle class professions but CEO positions? An article on distribution of corporate money says:

The top two highest-paid male CEOs make more than all the top-paid female CEOs combined. David Zaslav, the top executive at Discovery Communications, made $156.1 million in 2014. Leslie Moonves, the CEO of CBS, made $54.4 million.

bNow, taking into account the fact that some companies are wealthier than others, of course the salaries will fluctuate greatly. The concept seems justifiable until the number of female CEOs to male CEOs is compared. A Washington Post article says:

The number of female CEOs of America’s most influential companies is stuck at a 5 percent, as it was the year before. While women make up 45 percent of the labor force of the S&P 500, few are climbing to the very top 

baThe possibility that female CEOs can be more successful than male CEOs may be scary for this misogynistically-dominated corporate mindset, but it is no longer metaphorical when looking at the numbers

Consultancy McKinsey calculates that the additional productive power of women entering the workforce between 1970 to today accounts for about a quarter of the size of the U.S. economy.

Yet these realizations are being ignored. Sexism is ultimately a structure for this country rather than the result of a powerful discriminatory population thinking their time is more valuable.

America is kneecapping is own potential by participating in the antagonistic battle on value and respect for female leadership. Not only is equality necessary for equality purposes, but also it is a strategically sound investment to take in a wider population, which ensures a more productive result.


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