Jessie Edelman: Gender pay gap in soccer

aOn Thursday, four members of the United States Women’s National Soccer Team appeared on NBC’s Today Show to talk with anchor Matt Lauer about their push to get equal pay with their male counterparts.

According to Lauer’s report before the interview, women players are paid $3,600 to $4,950 per game. The players on the men’s team are paid $6,250 to $17,625 per game.  If the teams make the FIFA World Cup roster the players get an additional bonus. The women only get 44 percent of the men’s team’s bonus — $30,000 compared to the men’s bonus of $68,750.

This week, players on the women’s team filed a complaint with the EEOC, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, against U.S. Soccer. Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated reported that the complaint comes as the women’s team negotiates their collective bargaining agreements, or their salaries.

He wrote: “The U.S. Soccer pay figures for the men and women were agreed to by the players as part of separate collective bargaining agreements, but the U.S. women’s team argues that its CBA has expired.” The players saw this negotiation as a chance to close the pay gap.

bWhen a team of female athletes who have just brought home their third World Cup trophy and are looking to defend their Olympic Gold medal for the third time in a row this summer file a complaint about a gender discrimination on payday, there is definitely a pay gap problem in this country.


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