Jacqueline Hinrichs: What is the American Dream?

aTo understand the American Dream better, click here.

The American dream can mean something different for everyone, but the central concept is the same — that every U.S. citizen should have equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination and initiative.

One thing that stands out in this definition is equal opportunity. Would you say everyone in the U.S. has equal opportunity? Some might say yes, but others who are struggling to live will probably say no. As horrible as it is comparing a white person to a person of color, they will each have their own say whether they are both equal.

Read here to learn more about the American dream not meaning the same to people.

We are living in a world where families are struggling to put food on the table, where kids are not wearing shoes or shirts because their family can not afford it. We are living in a world where kids who are brilliant are unable to go to college because they cannot afford it. How is this the American dream for these families? How did they have an equal chance to have a decent future like you or I? But families all over who are struggling are still keeping a smile on their face and trying to make their dream come true.

We do not hear about the American dream as often as we once did. Is the American dream still alive? Is the American dream still something that people want? Or are people just trying to create their own American dream and not live by what others define it as? Click here to learn more about if the American dream is still alive today.





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