Maya Szymanski: World champions of wage inequality

aU.S. Women’s soccer: “You should pay us equal or a higher amount than our male equivalents because we bring in more titles, money, viewers, and endorsements. It’s very simple math”

U.S. Soccer Federation: “Counter offer, how about we just continue paying you less and keep the extra revenue because this is a male-dominated exploitive society”

I was not there but that’s what I assume the conversation was before the U.S. women’s soccer team decided to sue the federation for wage discrimination.

The women’s team has reached immense popularity, and become an example for women’s athletics throughout this country. Their accomplishments include three World Cup wins and Olympic medals since the start of their participation in 2012. The team also demonstrates success in attendance, special appearances, and brand sponsoring revenue.

Onearticle about the huge difference in revenue the women’s team collects compared to the men’s team says:

“The women’s team will bring in $5 million in profit in the coming fiscal year and nearly $18 million in revenue, the players allege that they are paid four times less than their male counterparts.”

Success and worth can  be measured by revenue. This is the system economy and all businesses are founded on, making this backward treatment utterly troubling. The New York Times released breakdowns so legible that even the federation can comprehend it:


“A men’s player, for example, receives $5,000 for a loss in a friendly match but as much as $17,625 for a win against a top opponent. A women’s player receives $1,350 for a similar match, but only if the United States wins; women’s players receive no bonuses for losses or ties.”

I can’t stress enough that there is no scenario or reasoning why the women’s team should be paid less for their accomplishments.

Women are often taught not to make a fuss about things because it is unladylike and unattractive, but we are slowly learning that making a fuss is worth it.


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