Lia Veley: Why doesn’t equal play mean equal pay?


bThis week, five players from the national US Women’s Soccer team filed an official federal complaint against U.S. Soccer for wage discrimination. The women’s national team has been a huge success (especially compared to the historically mediocre performance of their male counterparts), and has won both Olympic championships and World Cups. So why are some of the top athletes in the world being skimped out when it comes to their paycheck? That is the issue that these women would like to address.

Hope Solo, the goalie of the team, was one of the five players to file the complaint. She has a major issue with the fact that they are the best in the world at what they do, but yet the men’s team “gets paid more just to show up then we do to win major championships.” The entire team is backing the five women whose names are on the complaint; they feel the same way about the issues nd the five names that were signed belonged to the women who were voted by the team to make their case.

The women who play soccer professionally for the United States of America do not get paid equally to their male counterparts, but this is not the only place we see wage discrimination. It is intertwined in our society and this is very public act at tackling the issue. The USWST is responsible for bringing in the largest revenue to the U.S. Soccer Federation, but yet they are still being paid less than the USMST, which is predicted to drop bellow the red line and cost U.S. Soccer at least $1 billion in 2017.

The largest issue here is that the federation has refused to negotiate any change in the way that the women are paid compared to the men. The players on the women’s team say that for their entire professional athletic careers, they have been told to appreciate what they are being given, because they should be happy to get anything at all for their play.

This is an unacceptable way to treat women athletes, or women in any job. If you do the work, you get paid for it, regardless of what sex you are, and let us not forget that these women don’t only play the game, they play it MUCH better then their male counterparts. So I think it might be time for the U.S. Soccer Federation to reconsider their priorities.



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