Lia Veley: Don’t take your ability to shop at Costco for granted

aIt is expensive to be poor, because it costs money to save money.

The Washington Post published an interesting blog post that focused on how poor people pay more for toilet paper. Why? Poor people cannot afford to buy things in bulk or stock up when there’s a good deal, which means that in the end, they pay more.

bToilet paper is something that is hard to live without. A great place to purchase something like toilet paper is a wholesale store, such as Costco and BJs, which provide both advantages and disadvantages to their shoppers. As you wheel your oversized cart down the oversized aisles of Costco, do you consider that there are some people who don’t have the luxury to shop in bulk?

People who are poor don’t have the $25 dollars to spend on toilet paper once a month, but they do have $5 to buy a 3-pack of toilet paper for the week. In the end, they spend more money on basic household goods because they simply can’t afford to be a Costco shopper.

Toilet paper is not the only item that the poor pay more for. There are multiple reasons why being poor is expensive in this country, but the inability to buy things in bulk and save your future-self money is a major issue. Being forced to buy overpriced household items is digging poor people into a deeper hole that is harder to get out of, especially if that family has a small child.

Some people  are lucky enough to be able to buy their paper towels, toilet paper and laundry detergent at a store like Costco. The people out there who really need the most help saving anything they can simply don’t have that luxury (not to mention how expensive it costs to be a Costco member in the first place.)


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