Elissa Sanci: Ten things you could buy with the amount of money Bill Gates makes in a minute

bill-gates-jpgYou know Bill Gates: technologist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and co-creator of Microsoft, one of the world’s largest PC software companies. Gates has always been on the top of his game. He was first included on the Forbes list of the world’s wealthiest people in 1987. He held the title of wealthiest person from 1995 to 2007, again in 2009, and once more in 2014, where he still sits.

Right now, Gates is worth $87 billion. In 2013, Gates earned $11.5 billion. That turns out to be $33.3 million per day, which translates to $1.38 million per hour, or about $23,148 per minute.

the-real-reason-behind-mcdonalds-and-burger-kings-chicken-nugget-warHere’s a list of ten things we could buy with the amount of money Gates makes in just one minute:

  1. The National Geographic Expedition Trip to Antarctica: $23,100
  2. One semester at the University of New Haven as a commuter student: $17,825
  3. A brand new 2016 Mazda 3: $21,740
  4. 7 months rent for a studio apartment in the Upper East Side of Manhattan: $21,000 ($3,000/mo.)
  5. 19 Siberian Husky puppies: $22,800 ($1,200/puppy)
  6. Down coats for 231 people: $23,100 ($100/coat)
  7. This house in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: $23,000
  8. 17 MacBook Pros: $22,100 ($1,300/laptop)
  9. 5,789 McDonald’s Big Macs: $23,000 ($3.99/sandwich)
  10. 92,400 McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets: ($5/20 nuggets)



4 thoughts on “Elissa Sanci: Ten things you could buy with the amount of money Bill Gates makes in a minute

  1. Budget cuts to education have by far more effects to students than just a few teachers a year; it impacts society as a whole. The future of our children are at the hands of a few that have no clue how a classroom functions. Bill along with many other multi-millionaires in the US could supplement children’s education in our largest urban districts and it would not have an impact on their earnings.


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