Cara Demers: Let’s charge women 79 percent of what we charge men

The Works BakeryLast week, I looked at the significant problem of pay inequality among men and women. Let me sum it up for you. These days, women are still making only 79 percent of every dollar that men make.

In 2016, there’s nothing even remotely okay about that.

I recently came across an article that promoted a bakery back home whose owners took it upon themselves to stand against this more-than-relevant issue. On April 12, The Works Bakery Café charged all women customers just 79 percent of their entire bill. They did this at all four of their locations in New Hampshire, in hopes of highlighting the country’s wage gap.

Pay GapThis is more than fair. After all, if women are earning less than men, why should they be charged the same amount for that coffee and muffin?

The initiative was part of the Stand With Women campaign, an initiative of the Granite State Progress Education Fund. In fact, several other New Hampshire businesses took part in the campaign, which included speakers at a few of The Works Bakery locations.

This sort of awareness is the first step in closing that gap. After all, the economy, as well as an overwhelming amount of families across the country, would benefit from equal pay among both genders, according to Fortune Magazine.

I think it’s about time that the other 49 states got on board and bring the same sort of awareness to the table. So what’s the hold-up?

There shouldn’t be one, really.



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