Jacqueline Hinrichs: More money? More taxes.

aThe rich are paying less money in taxes then the middle class. How is this fair to middle-class Americans?

What side are you on?

Are you among the 49 percent of people who say that the rich should pay their share, or the 51 percent who say they should not have to?

If you are in that 49 percent, you think the wealthy are not paying their fair share. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said: “Right now, the wealthy pay too little, and the middle class pays too much.”

So what could taxing the rich actually achieve? Quite a lot. Economists have been making a case that the government could raise large amounts of revenue from the 1 percent, while still allowing the wealthy to take home a majority of their income. According to a Treasury Department study, the top 1 percent pay roughly a third of their incomes to federal government.

Why are they not paying more taxes? Why are they taking more money away from the less fortunate? You hear so many problems with people not being able to afford necessities. How is that fair, how is that equal for everyone? A documentary called Inequality For All will make you think more about this. The goal is equality for all, and it has to start somewhere.


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