Nicolette Dammacco: The rich aren’t job creators and they aren’t saviors of the economy

aApparently, we middle-class citizens need to stop complaining about our lowered income and higher taxes — which still come with little to no change in education, healthcare and security.

Instead, we should be grateful that we have the rich to create jobs (that mostly end up going to machines) and if we taxed them any more, they won’t be able to buy as many things to keep our crippling economy afloat…

Cry me a river, rich people. Please do, actually, but make them tears of gold.

Our economy is still one of the greatest in the world. Unemployment has dropped from 10 percent during the economic crisis of 2008 to 5 percent today, and most industries are creating more and more revenue (don’t get me started on the disgusting fashion industry).

bBut, it’s not the top 1 percent who are buying up all of the goods to keep our economy afloat, it’s the 99 percent, the middle and lower class who spend and spend even when they may not have the money. Someone who makes ten million dollars a year isn’t going to spend all $10 million. They keep a little pocket change, maybe $2 million or so, and then stash the rest away. That way, they accumulate wealth for years and generations to come.

So why is it that they can get taxed so little and stash so much away, but I get a huge chunk of my paycheck taken away and barely have $20 in my checkins account after buying my necessities?

Tax. The. Wealthy.

They’re not using the money anyway. Why not let us little people have a little more in our pockets, so we can use that to educate ourselves a little better, take care of ourselves a little better, and plan for our futures a little better. I do believe it takes money to make money, and when you barely have enough to get you through the week how do you think you’re going to rise economically?


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