Kaitlin Mahar: Trump supporters are not crazy…

aThey’re just desperate. Many of Trump’s supporters aren’t racist or bigoted – they’re painfully familiar with the affliction of poverty. The Washington Post reported in December that the majority of Trump’s supporters are not only white males with strong religious ties, but also people who were earning under $50,000 a year. With the median household income being just over $51,939 peryear, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Trump’s appeal is more understandable.

The official “food stamp capital” of America is Owsley County, KY, as its residents earn the lowest median household income in the U.S. and use the most SNAP food stamp benefits in the country. And who swept Kentucky’s caucus in March? Trump, which is no surprise, since Americans would pay fewer taxes under his regime. (Calculate how much you’d pay here).

bMoreover, while Trump’s supporters are frequently called out for being racist, but this is due to something political blogger Matt Bruenig calls “poor white racism.” As Bruenig puts it, “poor whites are in the lowest economic class alongside poor blacks, but they aren’t in the lowest social caste.” In assuring that they aren’t on the bottom of the food chain, poor whites cling to leaders like Trump who will help elevate their status while keeping down the “undesirables.”

Trump’s supporters aren’t as guilty of missing a humanity chip as Trump; their political views are fueled by the desperation caused by America itself. Without understanding this desperation, we cannot fix it. Without fixing it… Better start practicing saying “President Trump.”





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